The Beginning of the Myths…

Welcome to my new blog! This blog will interest you if you are interested in Norse mythology, poetry, theatre and drama, dance, and all things Tolkien!

My name is Donna Watmough-Triggs, and I am a PhD researcher studying at the University of East Anglia.  I am studying the Ancient or Poetic Edda (, which is the source of all Norse myths and legends, a lot of our fairy-tales, and also Tolkien’s inspiration for The Lord of the Rings. My aim is to explore the possibility of adapting this text – which predates Beowulf – for stage.


You will see me briefly discussing my work in the video below – in my presentation I tell my audience how I want to get away from teaching poetry through simple book-learning – “What happens if we say it, sing it, dance it?” I say.  In the video I am working with a short excerpt of The Poetic Edda – a piece called Grottasongr or The Song of the Grindstone, which features two giantesses and a king. The adaptation you will hear me reading is my own translation from the original Ancient Norse.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Norwich based choreographer Nicky Gibbs. The progress of our wonderful, inspiring, 9-hour rehearsal session is summed up in the video. I look forward to working with more professionals to bring words and music to our choreography.

This is just the beginning! Please comment…my research depends on feedback, so audience (your!) response is extremely valuable to me, and will form part of my work.

Thank you all you Ancient Norse lovers!